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28 January 2020
CDP is recognized as the global standard for environmental reporting.The British NGO enjoys a strong reputation and receives its mandate from a pool of institutional investors representing 96,000 billion dollars in assets. Since 2017, CDP has also been collaborating with the Italian government through a MoU whose objective is the transparency of Italian companies. For this reason, data emerging from CDP reporting are used by several ESG’s research agencies, stock exchange index and financial rating as MSCI and Moody’s and are requested for low-carbon financial producs as EURO STOXX® Reported Low Carbon index.

Out of a total of over 50 reporting companies, in Italy only 3 companies in the fashion sector have participated.By participating in the CDP 2019 reporting on Climate Change, Pattern demonstrated transparency and responsibility on central environmental issues to the low carbon transition. By communicating through CDP on its governance structure, emissions and energy consumption, targets and much more, Pattern is able to measure its impact; as only what can be measured can be reduced, Pattern is now in a position to work on ambitious reduction targets and move towards environmental leadership.