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September, 10 2021

In order to achieve Carbon Neutrality by 2023, mission of the five-year plan “From Red to Green Carpet” , Pattern has implemented a structured action plan to reduce or offset residual CO2 emissions.

Regarding the plant, it was planned the installation of LED lighting system, the energy efficiency of the buildings and the use of 100% green energy, the installation of photovoltaic panels for self-consumption and a geothermal system for the new digital warehouses were planned, both functioning since 2020. In addition, to reduce emissions related to employee commuting, a carpooling project has been launched in September 2021.

In addition, in2021  Pattern made "GREEN INSIDE" the portion of purchased electricity for the Collegno and Spello plants in collaboration with Repower: this allows Pattern to use exclusively 100% green energy, thanks to the Guarantees of Origin, and certified by TÜV SÜD, an accredited and internationally recognized brand.

As the last step of the emission reduction plan, Pattern has decided to adopt a carbon offsetting strategy which involves the planting of trees able to absorb CO2 from the atmosphere and consequently lead to a zeroing of net carbon emissions.

With this in mind, in 2021 Pattern signed a supply contract with ZeroCO2 company for the planting of 610 trees in Guatemala and 390 trees in Peru, using land owned by local farmers that will be guarantors of the plant’s growth of as well as its usufructuaries.

The growth process of each plant will be monitored through the exclusive tracking and transparency system called Chloe (from ancient Greek, sprout). Each tree planted will be photographed and geolocated using a QRcode, uniquely associated with each tree.

The ZeroCO2 project allows Pattern to achieve a double objective, social sustainability for disadvantaged territories and the compensation of 352,800 kg of CO2, participating in this way  in the global effort to contrast climate change.